Steelhead Surgical, Inc’s corporate headquarters is in Portland, Oregon with offices in Medford, Eugene, and Bend Oregon with coverage across the State of Oregon.

In addition, Steelhead Surgical has offices in Boise ID, Missoula MT, and Redding CA. Steelhead Surgical has a staff of over 50 highly trained and educated representatives along with 10 support staff servicing 15 territories within 5 states.  Steelhead Surgical generates $50 million a year in revenue, and is education driven, physician focused, with a drive and dedication to fulfilling the Arthrex mission, “Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better”™.

Steelhead Office

2311 NW Northrup St. Suite 204
Portland, OR 97210

Name Position Email
Harry Ault Owner | President
Nik Wald Vice President of Business Optimization
Anita Hettum Vice President of Finance and HR
Justin Innocenti Vice President of Sports
Chad Leggo Vice President of Corporate Sales
Marco Ramos Vice President of Operations
Wes O’Brien Capital Sales Manager
Adam Boriotti Capital Sales Manager
Madeline Kincaid Office Admin
Kevin Shaw Inventory Manager kshaw@steelheadsurgical.coml
Katie Oveston Travel Coordinator
Ryker Bax Tissue Inventory Manager
Abby Anderson Corporate Biologics Manager
Kerrianne Tripi Data Analyst

Bend Office

1230 NE 3rd St
Bend, OR 97701

Name Position Email
Mike Remley Technology Manager
Jessica Thacker Agency Representative
Mike Allard Agency Representative

Boise Office

8405 W Emerald St
Boise, ID 83704

Name Position Email
Gus Papanikolas SSI East Regional Director
Kerry Lawyer Technology Consultant
Ryan Pearson Director of DEX and Bio SSI East
Tony Hunt Technology Specialist
Dallin Pearson Agency Representative
Kevin Jensen (Twin Falls, ID) Technology Consultant
Brian Goodwin Agency Representative
Clint Gosack (Twin Falls, ID) Agency Representative
Anthony Clarke Agency Representative

Chico | Redding Office

1255 Liberty St, Suite C
Redding, CA 96001

Name Position Email
Manny Constancio Territory Consultant
Tony DeLello Territory Consultant
Mike Prazancia Technology Specialist
Carson Rodriguez Agency Representative

Eugene | Corvallis Office

199 E 5th Ave, Suite 35
Eugene, OR 97401

Name Position Email
Joey Russell (Umpqua) Agency Representative
Gavin Mills Territory Manager
Fred George (Corvallis) Technology Specialist
Jeremy Chandler Arthroplasty Manager 
Billy Pytel Agency Representative 
Chad Shields SSI South Inventory Manager
Brady Mooney Technology Specialist

Medford Office

990 N Phoenix Rd, Suite 105
Medford, OR 97504

Name Position Email
Chris Faust Agency Representative
Ethan Black Agency Representative
Mike Jones Territory Manager
Roth Khieu Agency Representative

Missoula Office

2145 South Ave W
Missoula, MT 59801

Name Position Email
Hans Fischer Territory Specialist
Mike Goggin Technology Consultant
Nic Shaw Agency Representative
Zak Mercer Technology Consultant

Portland | Vancouver Office

2311 NW Northrup St, Suite 202
Portland, OR 97210

Name Position Email
Chris Treible Territory Specialist
Daren Heerspink SSI South Regional Director
Jamie McLeod Technology Consultant
Jason Failor Technology Specialist
Jay Pemberton Portland Regional Director
Kelli Blumenkron Agency Representative
Leo Gee Agency Representative
Madeline Eagley Technology Specialist
Taylor Biaggi Agency Representative
Jake Handran Agency Representative
Gavin Romanick Agency Representative
Alex Duncan Portland Inventory Manager
Daniel Kutz-Enko Portland Delivery Manager

Salem Office

Name Position Email
Charlie Wade Agency Representative
Matthew Schrupp Area Manager
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